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Review of by Kyle M on 30 Jun 2018

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Seen all the MCU films? Check. If not, then that's mostly fine - probably.

Read the main comic storyline? Preferable while optional.

Are you prepared? Either way, you would need personal mental reinforcement.

The potential impact of one film is well known enough to turn the excitement of anticipation into nervousness because of the dire consequences that could happen when the impact occurs right in front of us. This case can only be felt if the attachments towards the characters through knowledge and experience has grown like a bond between film and mind, prepared by little to be emotionally shocked after connecting through multiple films. Now for those who aren't very familiar, or haven't grasp, with the interconnected narrative mythology, it's a ride with heavy stakes and emotional strength to make sure the biggest threat doesn't reach the goal. The mutual one-word description from both sides would agree that it's altogether powerful - but various tastes would go random.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is "Infinity War".

The Marvel Universe continuously faced multiple threats from the grounded Earth to the infinite side of the cosmos, and they all been thwarted by heroes and occasional team-ups. But everything they went through, the fights and challenging obstacles, led them to face Thanos, a new danger with a lingering presence makes himself known in his quest to collect all six Infinity Stones, each containing unimaginable power that are aspects of the universe's creation. With the fate of Earth and all that exists threatened by how Thanos see fit, most of the Marvel heroes must prevent him from reaching his goal or it's all over.

Expectations have been typically met, usually exceeded in a familiar fashion, but one aspect met short. As tradition, an Avengers film is a culmination of what occurred since the previous team-up. But this time, directors Anthony and Joe Russo presented what's literally a culmination of all the films that were building up to this one in all angles: referring back to the past events; consisting at least one character from one character's solo outing; and combined entertainment values blended altogether into one. It's powerful to the epic scale of the action and characterization, particularly the emotional weight and heavy circumstances to bring out their strongest strength, especially when the spectacle has spontaneously grown.

While "The Winter Soldier" is merely a political thriller with more grounded realism and 'Civil War" is a step-up as an emotional game changer to Midgard, the Russo Brothers did it again with an increased scale but handled it all just fine with supportive help and guidance into the characterization. Cinematic creativities varies by director's taste and vision that mostly excels, and the Russo Brothers continue their masterful direction to prove themselves worthy of the broken Mjolnir for doing justice on expressing the scale of the story and the characters, with some artistic filmmaking to boot with the visual help of their frequent collaborator cinematographer Trent Opaloch.

The credit should also go to screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for finding such grasp to handle with a solid script and the layout of the emotionally epic scale as well balancing plot points as the film narrows down to three plots once the characters are grouped to diegetic strangers before down to two in the climax. Not only did they do the characters right but how they had written in connective references to all 18 films before this one can be seen as a beneficial access for those who have seem most likely little to none of the cinematic universe, which is almost like how seriality is done on televised dramas but straight to the main plot and being patient to be caught up. With that being said, this is more for those who have experienced all the films - and television series to lesser extent - and would understand more behind the spoken words that described the past plot elements and impacts briefly. But the converts fills the experience to the maximum while the non-converts, who don't follow the films pretty much or not at all would minimally experience while still feel the power.

Composer Alan Silvestri presents another component next to the Direction Stone and Written Stone with the Music Stone that nondiegetically expresses the overall soul. He scored the first "Avengers" that really, more clearly, kicked the main narrative arc off that started forming this film, and it's a pleasant return when further emphasizing the weight and amped-up the excitement while also expressing both the general scale and emotions. The power is felt through the music, and Silvestri did it masterly when treating the story being some sort of an opera, which is pretty much is considering the epic scale and impact in thorough senses of different levels from emotional attachment to shocking impact to the heavy-paced action.

Now for the Human Soul goes to the gathered-up cast, mostly reassembled and some assembled together for the first time. The dynamic of the latter assembly is what made "The Avengers" exciting when crossing over characters from different films, and the major third team-up returned that feeling to see different worlds colliding at entertaining, occasionally amusing results. Although, the main downside of this whole film is that there wasn't much interactions as hoped, as well some characters were underused with shorter spotlights and few were omitted; but understandable since this is only Part 1. But the one character that went through all the plot branches and interacted with the heroes is the most compelling: Thanos, greatly portrayed and composed by Josh Brolin. As it was pointed out, "Infinity War" is genuinely Thanos' film, and Brolin justified that already by his performance being the standout of the huge cast. Taking second place behind Brolin is Chris Hemsworth doing the same in a more personal level for his character to really rise to the mighty title; followed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt. The rest performed at their usual level with more required strength.

"Infinity War" is best to be seen as a theatrical viewing in order to truly feel the power level before it hits the shrunken effect, even though it'll still be entertaining no matter the screen size. As an ensemble crossover, it ties to "The Avengers" over "Civil War", while standing between the former predecessor and "Black Panther" as MCU's tops, peaking at how powerfully emotional it is through the expressive spectacles and performances towards the heavy weight with combined previous elements. But based on the lasting impression the film left off after the first viewing, it's so far the heaviest film there is as far as I know and what I have yet to see as of now. (A+).

This review of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) was written by on 30 June 2018.

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