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Washington Post Movie Reviews

17,564 reviews

Los Angeles Times Movie Reviews

17,531 reviews

Variety Movie Reviews

17,151 reviews

The New York Times Movie Reviews

16,308 reviews

Village Voice Movie Reviews

14,662 reviews

Chicago Sun-Times Movie Reviews

12,548 reviews

Austin Chronicle Movie Reviews

12,498 reviews

Entertainment Weekly Movie Reviews

11,964 reviews

Chicago Reader Movie Reviews

11,839 reviews

New York Post Movie Reviews

11,364 reviews

Boston Globe Movie Reviews

11,010 reviews

New York Daily News Movie Reviews

10,844 reviews

Chicago Tribune Movie Reviews

10,682 reviews

The A.V. Club Movie Reviews

9,835 reviews

ReelViews Movie Reviews

8,611 reviews

Slant Magazine Movie Reviews

8,312 reviews

USA Today Movie Reviews

8,076 reviews

Time Out Movie Reviews

7,370 reviews

L.A. Weekly Movie Reviews

6,967 reviews

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