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Review of by Viniciusbrito — 13 Mar 2018


When, possibly, a meteor falls on Earth and hit a lighthouse in an isolated location creating a bubble called "The shimmer" that anything that cross it, never comes back. The mysterious bubble keep expanding and taking more land with anyone apart of what is going on. During one expedition, one person returns for the firs time, Kane(Soldier), Husband of Lena (Biologist, ex military), he comes different and she wants to understand what happend inside the dome.

This movie is by essence sci-fi but have a bunch of elements from horror and thriller that worked highly, using many open plans for you to get tense that something could come out from here or there technically this movie is phenomenal. I loved the cinematography that they presented, a bunch of moments they show the image obfuscated, with some blur, refracted.. Giving signs of what actually hapens in the shimmer, they show hands touching themselves on the other side of a glass of water, things that will echo later on. The scenario are just phenomenal, the way that they put the forest was simply amazing, how it was dominating the hole place and creating things, making something evolved.. this part really reminded me of the last of us, some scenes and places of the movie, the hole scenario, it gave me flashes from the game.

I like how the movie could be a metaphor for somethings, like for us, that couldn't let the natives dress what they wanted and put on them what we dressed, can't make it to a new place and let it how it is, not just refering to people, but to nature itself, modifying stuff. To a cancer, where want to face it, other fight(showing that you end up becoming what you fight against) or neither of those, leading that the cancer are oursleves. This movie is much about self-destruction, like a cancer, when everybody is blaming themselves or did something that literally destroyed them, is getting themselves destructed.

The track of the movie also are great, having somethings that complete the scene, sometimes with something supernatural, exemplifying in sound what is going on, sometimes a calm and peaceful that complete the beautiful environment, wich remembered me a lot of the last of us as well. Some moments of panic and scary being well represented by the song as well, helping to let you tense.

All the acting worked here, Natalie Portman can express herself with eyes and mouth, passing an idea of doubt and at the same time without expression, having a pretty good chemistry with Oscar Isaac, that also have a good job with his character, passing the idea of hapiness and later frustration. Gina Rodriguez did a very good job on two different moments of her character. Tessa Thompson as always delivered a much different character as usual, doing a much different interpretation, she is one of my favorite actress right now, her character is the most sweet from all of them and she phrase with calm and wisdom, just how her character is needed. Tuva Novotny did a character that was afraid, but could stand firm. Jennifer Jason Leigh did a hell of a great job, doing expression less character, cold that you can literally feel in her way of talk, in her eyes and mouth that doesn't have anything to lost, are all the way in for whatever she is up to.

The montage of the film, maybe could have be done a little better, some scenes are throw on us that just gonna make sense later on, wich is not bad, but how it is mounted i'm not so sure. The director choose to separate the acts for all of us, pointing the titles of each one.

It's a very pessimistic movie, expressing by metaphors how we are, how we are destroying ourselves and other ones. That all of us in some moment of our lives we ruined life, it's part of human nature destroy to construct or just destroy around you. Philosophical and social criticism, how we rational and evolved can destroy ourselves if we know that it ain't gonna do any good it is a genetic failure in all of us. A movie that will make people discuss and talk about it, keeping people's heads for a long time, wich is great, causing discussions and differently interpretations. Discussing creation, evolution, science, religion and, for sure, humanity.

The movie reminded me of a Fight Club quote: "Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer.

This review of Annihilation (2018) was written by on 13 March 2018.

Annihilation has generally received positive reviews.

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