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Review of by Matthew D on 09 Jul 2018

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A romance blooms in a far away land.

Ron Howard directs a touching romance that depicts Irish Immigrants, played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, coming to early America. They seek to find freedom, land, and love. Howard does a wonderful job directing sweeping panning shots as well as tender close up shots. From intimate private moments between the couple to spinning fight sequences, Howard captures everything so creatively in Far and Away.

Thematically, Howard writes of an early America that is founded upon hope, greed, lust, selfishness, poverty, desperation, and a little kindness. You see how harsh life was in the start up settlements established in Boston and Oklahoma. I think Howard does a respectable job not fantasizing the plight of the immigrant with his realistic struggle and weighted depiction. You see Irish, Italian, British, Chinese, Black, and Native American people throughout the film. It feels like you are really there in the dusty set design, muddy costumes, and dim lighting.

Furthermore, John Williams composed a very romantic score for Far and Away. The main theme is hopelessly tender and memorable. I absolutely love Williams' music for Far and Away. It fits the sweet tone and the dark atmosphere simultaneously.

Lastly, the acting is Far and Away may have inconsistent Irish accents, but they pass as genuine for the most part. I find the enthusiasm and sincerity with which Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman speak quite endearing. They have both chemistry and charisma. They lead every second of Far and Away to loving greatness. Equally dramatic and comedic in tone, Cruise and Kidman develop a realistic relationship over the course of the movie. I find their performances to be captivating throughout the entirety of Far and Away's longer run time.

In all, Ron Howard directed yet another masterpiece of cinema with this film. Far and Away is up there with Backdraft, Apollo 13, and A Beautiful Mind as his greatest movie. It is a moving romance and a deeply grounded drama. I hope you give Far and Away your time.

This review of Far and Away (1992) was written by on 09 July 2018.

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