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Review of by Gaming4Jesus — 16 Mar 2018


A lot of the critic reviews I've read so far seem to be based on the first Tomb Raider movies and video games. It seems as if they are TOTALLY oblivious to the fact that the game series recently went through a pretty intense reboot.

The Tomb Raider game reboot basically turned a famous mostly pixelated character of Lara Croft into a living, breathing and more realistic one that experiences more believable reality than the previous one.

And any TR gaming fan realizes this. To me, it does not take rocket science to put all this together.

This being said, there are still major differences between the reboot game and the movie upon which it is largely based. As an action movie lover, I personally love these changes, because it allows more suspense in not knowing what to expect from people who have played the game.


For example, there are characters in the movie that were NOT in the game reboot. Similarly, there are characters missing from the film who were in the game. However, there are also many similarities that were in faithful keeping with the reboot. For example, the island STILL manages to maroon and / or kill visitors to it's shores and mainland. And much of the same action from the game faithfully occurs within the film (e.g. using a pick axe tool for effective climbing, a wealth of agility stunts, similar scenes depicting her survival being on a crash-landed plane stuck atop a waterfall, etc.).

Most importantly, the writers of the new movie have added sheer realism into the story, helping average movie goers to FEEL as if they are literally walking in the shoes of Lara Croft, a potentially REAL individual. Equally as important, Alicia Vikander gives a just-as-riveting portrayal, one that is more believable than Angelina Jolie was ever able to achieve. But, not taking anything away from Jolie, the two characters are TOTALLY different. One is really busty and a lot more glamorous (Jolie); whereas, the other is more lean, rugged, and gritty (Vikander). They both did amazing jobs in their own right.

I've also heard rumors of people body-shaming Vikander as she exists in her latest role. To me, this is unforgivable. As I've said, this movie is based on the game reboot. And in the new game, Lara Croft is not nearly as buxom as the first depiction. Hell, realistically, Jolie's Croft would likely have given herself severe bruising after running not even twenty steps up a staircase. Most women with big busts find running very difficult and often experience severe upper back pain. This a bustier Lara Croft, though a lot funner to watch, is CLEARLY unbelievable, another chief reason for the game / movie reboots. All this considered, in my humble opinion, the reboot wins out in both cases, the game AND the movie. Since this is a movie review, suffice it to say that I give the new Tomb Raider movie a 10 on a 10-scale.

This review of Tomb Raider (2018) was written by on 16 March 2018.

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