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Review of by Christopher C — 12 Jul 2018


I am not one to really complain on The Rock or any of his films; however, this film leads me to wonder if this is indeed his worst film. The pacing in this movie is horribly off and could have done better with additional re-writes.

What you would think should be a fast paced and exciting film turns into a dull----uninteresting borderline snooze fest. By the time the real action picks up, you're not emotionally invested due to be slammed in the head with unnecessary exposition.

The combat stuff in Will Sawyer's past does not need to be there as it slows down the movie to a standstill. The cops may be the most useless cops in history. I expected better. Much Much Better. In my reviews, I don't believe that all great films are enjoyable films and all enjoyable films are great films---this misses the mark on both.

This review of Skyscraper (2018) was written by on 12 July 2018.

Skyscraper has generally received mixed reviews.

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