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Review of by Suzana T — 18 Jun 2018


This film was quite disappointing, the cinematography and the art in itself/acting, directing, the imagery was very clear and nice to look at; intriguing I would have to say. The effects were cool, but the gore was definitely off, and not impressionable.

It was not as realistic as I would like to see in a horror film. I appreciate the artwork in general, but the story line was so slow, it took forever to get to the point. Most people in the theater (including me) were laughing.

The story line was scattered and it seemed like the script writer and director was too afraid to make the story more realistic. It should have shown more connection. It was mostly all talk and the mother screaming/raving and ranting.

There wasn't enough gore, enough passion or truth either. The mother was nuts and didn't even really seem to care about her family in the beginning of the film, and then all of a sudden BAM she's devastated.

The story was sort of silly, I think. There was way too much hype about the film, I wasn't impressed or frightened by the story and I do usually scare very easily. I have had nightmares that are way more terrifying than this film.

The work for the film screening in itself was lovely, the colors were nice, a bit too intensely saturated with high levels of color for my eyes, I rated a two on here and a four on the IM film website.

It was nice work but the script in itself disappointed me. Since there was so much talk about how scary it was supposed to be I pictured the worst things imaginable, and this was sort of corny in my opinion, just another corny film about the devil and possession.

This review of Hereditary (2018) was written by on 18 June 2018.

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