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Last updated: 23 Jul 2018 at 09:59 UTC

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Review of by Collin P — 06 Jul 2018


Hmmm, a modern looking house surrounded by pine trees way up in the rocky mountains that has a 100 year old Victorian interior. Interesting! It must be integral to the story.

Next--what high school senior would take his little 13 yr old sister to a booze and bong party? Heads will roll for that one!!

Where's gramma anyway?

The Burger King crown was a great touch. I guess they were running low on money.

For your $8 ticket, you'll get a long movie and $6.57 worth of entertainment. No wonder Toni Collette is screaming!

This review of Hereditary (2018) was written by on 06 July 2018.

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Deutsch:Bewertung zu Hereditary - Das Vermächtnis (2018) von Collin P

English:Review of Hereditary (2018) by Collin P

Français:Critique de Hérédité (2018) par Collin P

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