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Last updated: 21 Jul 2018 at 05:48 UTC

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Review of by Peggy B — 09 Jun 2018


Mortification of the flesh, toxic waste, terrorism, suicide, alcoholism, cancer, emaciated polar bears, corporate treachery, church greed & a bizarre human flying scene over polluted global landscapes.

...STOP, I GET IT....PLEASE, a hint of hope, a glimmer of grace, a footnote of faith. This film was vacantly macabre, morbid without meaning, dark, dank, predictable cut-to-black ending leaving today's sparse audience with a collective, "Huh?" "That's it??" "WTF?" My entire row (6 young adults) were initially silent when the screen went black & then burst out laughing when the credits rolled.

Probably not great for word-of-mouth PR bump. I generally give a pass to films that are bleak, disturbing & rife with despair IF there is some measure of redemption. Zero, zilch, nada.

This review of First Reformed (2018) was written by on 09 June 2018.

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Deutsch:Bewertung zu First Reformed (2018) von Peggy B

English:Review of First Reformed (2018) by Peggy B

Français:Critique de First Reformed (2018) par Peggy B

Español:Crítica de First Reformed (2018) por Peggy B