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Last updated: 19 Aug 2018 at 21:40 UTC

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Review of by Regina P — 09 Aug 2018


I'm sorry, but this movie was severely overhyped. I was interested until the end, but the premise of the entire story was just ridiculous. All of the world's militaries can't take down 3 blind pterodactyl, but an intuitive child can? And who decides to get pregnant in the middle of these conditions? Pull-out method, calendar method, condoms if you can find them, self-control, perhaps? Let's just wait until we solve the monster problem until we bring a screaming baby into the world, okay? Stupid.

This review of A Quiet Place (2018) was written by on 09 August 2018.

A Quiet Place has generally received very positive reviews.

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Deutsch:Bewertung zu A Quiet Place (2018) von Regina P

English:Review of A Quiet Place (2018) by Regina P

Français:Critique de Sans un bruit (2018) par Regina P

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