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Last updated: 20 Aug 2018 at 11:12 UTC

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Review of by James Berardinelli for ReelViews — 08 Aug 2018


The thing that disappointed me the most about The Meg is its flat tone. There's too little tension and not nearly enough suspense.

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This review of The Meg (2018) was written by and published by ReelViews on 08 August 2018.

The Meg has generally received mixed reviews.

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Deutsch:Bewertung zu The Meg (2018) von James Berardinelli

English:Review of The Meg (2018) by James Berardinelli

Français:Critique de En eaux troubles (2018) par James Berardinelli

Español:Crítica de Megalodón (2018) por James Berardinelli